Cross Stroke

I build user interfaces, and help designers translate their ideas into something amazing.

Selected Work

You're here to scope me out, so let me indulge you. Here is a selection of client work and fun projects.

About Cross Stroke

A one-man web agency run by Paul Davis that takes beautiful designs from great designers, and turns them into awesome websites.



Being a front-end specialist, I much prefer to perfect the side of the website visitors see. But that said, I have strong expertise in WordPress theme & plugin development, Ghost themes, Jekyll sites, and more.

I've spent a majority of the my career building brochure sites and blogs, and over a year on a single project. I've seen a lot and have acquired a varied skill set.


I like to help make sure a website is the best it can be. Joining the project in the planning stage or mid-way through the design process, I can help steer the direction of the website when it comes to feasibility or performance implications of parts of the UI.

I also advise on the most appropriate way to keep code clean, fast, and maintainable. What works well for one project may not work well for the next — finding that sweet spot is key.

About Paul Davis

Photo of Paul Davis

I'm Paul Davis, a designer & developer based in Rochester, a small city in the United Kingdom.

In previous years, I was awarded Young developer of the Year by .net magazine in 2011. I also served as Front-end Architect for the Ghost Foundation for a year. My work there has been downloaded over 600,000 times! I freelanced for two years prior and worked for a number of agencies in the three years before that.

During the week, I get my kicks out of turning someone else's design into something the whole world can interact with, and collaborating with clients to get the very best out their site.

On the weekends, I like experimenting with web stuff, washing my car, and then driving it. I also enjoy playing the drums, guitar, and tapping on any surface.


Some people have said some really nice things about me! I'm a modest man, but modesty can take a back seat for a moment.

  • Paul is a fantastic, dedicated front-end developer without whom we would not have been able to build some of the most fundamental foundations of Ghost. It was always a great pleasure working with him. A+++ would CSS again.

    John O'NolanGhost Foundation
  • We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Paul on a variety of projects over the past 3 years. His attention to detail in UI and UX are exactly what we look for from a developer. He consistently brings a fresh approach to builds; always pushing what is technically possible.

    Ben VincentTeam Karoshi


Awesome! You've got this far — coffee?
I've never been a fan of large forms when all I want to do is brain dump into a text box I recognise.

My email address is — You can also chirp at me on Twitter @pauladamdavis if that's your jam :)

I try my best to get back to emails as soon as I can, ideally the same day, or early the next if you're a night owl. I look forward to hearing from you!

The boxes right there show when I'm available. The green means I have plenty of time for projects, and the orange means I have some work booked in but not a solid month.