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Silk Factory is a 'creative content agency', who make heavy use of video on their website.

Their old site was severely out of date and needed bringing up to date, and showcase the breadth of their work. The new site does just that, with what they do taking centre stage.

On page load, the visitor is presented with a sweet little video of their logo animation, which then slides out of the way revealing a full-screen carousel of featured projects. The logo animation is only shown to visitors who hasn't visited in a specified time, so you don't see it every time you load the home page, if perusing the site over and over again.

Below that is a tabbed featured project area. In the CMS, this whole section is editable, so the client can chose what tags are visible, in what order, and what projects are shown there. When it comes to portfolio-like sites, being able to fully curate the content is very important, and something a computer just can't do better than a human.

It is however set to that no more than 12 projects are visible at one time, otherwise the page will be too long.

For a more in-depth look at the design theory behind it all (and some awesome business cards!) see Karoshi's case study.

Given that Silk Factory predominantly create video, this lead to some interesting challenges in parts of the site, as loading video from a 3rd party (Vimeo in this case) can lead to delayed loading times.

To try and preempt any issues with delayed videos, they are lady-loaded in after the page itself has loaded, simply using a dark grey box as the placeholder. In reality, visitors will never see this, but just in case they do, the slow loading is handled gracefully.

In addition to the page the general public can see, we built in the ability for the client to create bespoke collections of project items, behind a password, for them to send to prospective clients as part of a pitch deck.

The About page is relatively simple, with the addition of a Team section.

The team members are all listed with a wonderfully dark and moody photo. Some members have a biography, which is toggled by clicking anywhere on that item, photo or text.

The news section is plain-old WordPress, with the exception that it is only accessible from the home page. No matter where you are on the site, clicking 'News' in the header will take you to the bottom of the home page.

They don't produce much in the way of news, so this works well.

Lastly, the Contact page. A three column layout all driven by the CMS, including where the map pin is, and the centre of the map.

All in, this is a really nice, simple site that has an equally clean and simple CMS. The client really likes it, and most importantly, it serves its purpose perfectly.