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Design by Karoshi

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NB Flowers isn't your average village flower shop. They're a "luxury London florist", who create stunning floral displays for a variety of situations.

This is the second version of their website I've built. This time round, the design heavily focuses on the great photography, because when it comes to decorative displays, images speak much louder than words.

This content on this home page is fully customisable, apart from News which is displayed in the typical reverse-chronological order, and an Instagram feed, which automatically updates each hour.

The detail pages feature a mix of full-screen images, side-by-side images, and single images with an accompanying quote.

All this imagery meant loading performance was extra important. Lazy-loading was implemented throughout the whole site, with subtle animations when those images are shown to the visitor.

These pages are built with ACF Flexible Content Fields, so the client can choose what content goes where, and in some cases, how it's displayed.

The News section doesn't behave like a traditional blog, it doesn't have individual article pages, but maintains the ability to link to specific items, using Javascript to scroll the page to the correct item if a link to it is shared.

Not every page is chock-full of images. The About page features one image of Neil, and a simple column of text describing what NB Flowers does, how it works, and their culture. A simple one to build, but very helpful to those looking to use their services.

The Contact page features all the expected information, including a custom-styled Google map with SVG location pin.

In the CMS, the map has two locations. One for the pin itself, and another to center the map, as quite often, one side of the map is rather unhelpful for way-finding, so that centre point can be shifted to show a more recognisable area more prominently.

There's also a custom Mailchimp subscription form, which lets users sign up without leaving the page.