Hayley Jade Design Studio

Design by Hayley Davis

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This is a WooCommerce store for my wife's side-business, selling beautiful prints, many of which are customisable with your own dates on, and so are printed to order. The site uses a lot of imagery, and purposefully features no thrills excess animations.

The home page features a little bit of each section from the site, and it fully customisable from the CMS, to allow the best possible curation of content.

On the back-end, we've used my defaukt starter theme which has no styling what so ever, disabled any CSS from WooCommerce or related plugins and features, and overwritten a couple dozen WooCommerce templates to help give us the layout and markup we needed. It also uses Stripe to process payments.

We didn't stray too far from the standard WooCommerce layouts as those layouts exist for a reason. But we did improve those layouts where it made sense to, such as the Products archive pages, where we adjusted the size of the 4th and 5th products (and ? items in a predictable way) to break the flow of a repetitive grid layout.

The Product page is quite similar to the standard WooCommerce page – again, on purpose – but follow the same design language as the rest of the site. We use a plugin called Product Add-Ons to handle the custom fields like Name and Location. That plugin doesn't feature a Date field though, so we use a text field, which is enhanced with a lightly customised and thoughtfully configured date picker to make picking a date easer and less ambiguous.

A majority of the site is typical e-commerce stuff and a blog, though we did add a section called 'Edits', which acts as a showcase for specific products. This uses ACF Flexible Content Fields, which allows Hayley to choose what goes where, and in what order.

The end of the page features the link to the products, either by selecting specific products and the order they're in, or selecting a whole category.

Overall, the site feels fast, looks consistent, and serves its purpose well.