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I work with Foundation a lot, so when it came to build their portfolio, I knew it was going to be good.

The site is built on WordPress, with a lot of its standard features stripped out. Taking center stage on the home page is a large headline, which is fluid in size.

As you scroll down on the home page, a selection of projects takes over, as if you've just clicked 'Work' on the header. The URL even changes to suit.

The project thumbnails can contain a static image, animated gif, or even a muted video embed, hosted on Vimeo. Being muted lets them autoplay, even on touch device like iPad's.

The Project detail page is built using ACF Flexible Content fields, so they can choose what goes where. There's 6 different block types, many of which with options like 'background colour', so each block can be tailored to natch the imagery in the case study.

Embedded videos only start auto-playing when they're visible, and images load just before they're presented to you, all with a nice subtle animation.

At the bottom, you're shown the list of projects, to push you along to the next project.

The 'Info' box contains a written overview, and if desired, a list of credits, such as 'Photographer'.

The 'About' is just that. A description of who Foundation are, what they do, where they are, and how to get in touch.

Overall, the site is visually simple, but doing simple well takes effort. The site works well, feels nice to browse around, and invites you to keep looking.