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Envisics creates automotive head-up displays. They needed a website that felt modern and showcased what they do in a clean and easy to understand way.

Together with Foundation, who did all the research, exploration, and design work, we built a website that feels fluid and animates nicely, but not gratuitously so.

The site itself is built on WordPress with ACF, using the Neat grid system. Rellax.js and ScrollReveal were used to give it some movement.

For a better overview on the design process (identity, digital and print) see Foundation's case study.

All of the images use srcset to make sure that devices aren't loading images that are too big to be useful. On some pages like Approach, like the ‘Leadership team’ modals have real addressable pages to aid in search engine crawling.

Careful attention was given to all aspects of the site, from all parties, and that’s left us with a really solid, beautiful website that will serve its purpose for years to come.

The Product page features a nifty little graphic that, on mobile, turns into a horizontal slider which effectively shows the distance their HUD can reach.

The Approach page is a kitchen sink of components, featuring image carousels, animated numbers, parallax images, and more.

At the bottom, we show the Leadership Team, which is a Custom Post Type, with the order chosen via an ACF post object field, and they each open up in a custom modal.

Lastly, in the Contact page, we have custom styled Google Maps, with 2 CMS fields for each, one for the pin itself, and another to centre the map, because sometimes it makes sense for the centre of the map to be positioned in a way that it shows prominent local features for easier way-finding.