Brazil 2014

Design by Karoshi

Together with Karoshi, we built a digital version of their gorgeous B2 wall chart. It's fully responsive and adapts to different time zones around the world to show you when a match is happening in your local time.

It received over 250,000 views across 172 countries, helped with press from Site Inspire, Designboom, Minimalissimo, Awwwards and Fubiz

The site uses a bespoke static site generator I built, which meant the fixtures and scores can be updates very easily by editing a YAML file, and clicking a single button to regenerate the site. I chose to build a bespoke system to experiment with a few ideas I had, and it seems to have worked very well. It aggressively busts the cache, and inlines the CSS and JSON for fixture data.

In early 2015, we forked the project and made The process was relatively simple, and gave me an opportunity to DRY up a lot of the code. I also changed my bespoke time handling to use Moment Timezone, which means we can more easily use the site for different tournaments in the future, as we only need to supply the local time and location – moment.js works out the time difference, handles summer time and needs no hand-holding.