People are lovely

I can add all the work I like into the portfolio, but all that means squat if i’m a pain to work with. Thankfully, some people have said really nice things about me, which not only boosts my morale, but hopefully gives you some confidence in me 🙂

Paul has a unique skill that I've found to be rare amongst developers; he actually seems to enjoy the challenge of ridiculous feature requests, and executes them better than the initial brief required. Teaming that with the speed, knowledge and optimism he brings to projects, means he's one of my top go-to developers.

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Paul on a variety of projects over the past 3 years. His attention to detail in UI and UX are exactly what we look for from a developer. He consistently brings a fresh approach to builds; always pushing what is technically possible.

I met Paul after he kindly allowed me to detail his car. From our initial chats about his line of work it was easy to see Paul has a unique skill that I've found to be rare amongst web designers. Being a car detailer I’m a sucker for detail and he actually seems to thrive and enjoy the challenges of all the little things I find and need tweaking. Nothing seems too much hassle and I also like the fact he goes above and beyond and makes suggestions that even I hadn’t thought off. I very much look forward to a long partnership and wouldn’t hesitate to anyone to use Paul’s services.

Paul is a fantastic, dedicated front-end developer without whom we would not have been able to build some of the most fundamental foundations of Ghost. It was always a great pleasure working with him. A+++ would CSS again.


The whole point hiring me and way I work is to save you time. If I can do that here by answering some questions you might have, bonus.

What exactly do you do?

Most of the time, I build WordPress sites from supplied designs. These projects typically to last from a few days to a couple of weeks.

What assets do you need?

A perfect handover would contain a written overview of how things should work if not already obvious, wireframes, design files (PSD, Sketch, XD), fonts (if not on Adobe Fonts), images, SVGs, and some text. Generally, the whole site is CMSed, so the content can be placeholders, but it helps give me an idea of how to better handle things.

How do you deliver?

I either send a few zips containing the theme (both publishable and editable), uploads, plugins, wp-config, and database. That allows a clean installation into a new hosting environment. Or, I can manage pushing the site live myself, given the necessary credentials.

Rates? Deposits? Billing?

I have a flat rate of £60 p/h + VAT. Generally, a 50% deposit is required, with the remainder being invoiced the day the project is delivered. Invoices have 28 day terms, but deposits are due on receipt. Payment on receipt is always appreciated.

Will you work white-label?

Yes. I'm happy act as an employee, have no direct contact with the client, or totally opposite and have contact under my own email address, and everywhere in-between.


My email address is
I’m not taking any projects that need to happen before September 2020.

You can also chirp at me on Twitter @pauladamdavis if that’s your jam.

I try my best to get back to emails as soon as I can, ideally the same day, or early the next if you’re a night owl. I look forward to hearing from you!